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Merand, Frédéric

Full Professor

  • PhD (Berkeley, 2004)
  • Director, CÉRIUM, The Montréal Centre for International Studies


  • Telephone 514-343-7176 Pav. PAVILLON 3744 JEAN-BRILLANT \ Ext. 581-13
Merand, Frédéric

Research expertise

Areas of expertise

Current projects

  • Europe and Russia: A Relational Approach (with Magdalena Dembinska)
  • Managing Geopolitical Decline: The Case of Europe
  • The Politicization of the European Union


  • Pouponneau, Florent, Frédéric Mérand. 2016. “Diplomatic Practices, Domestic Fields, and the International System: Explaining France’s Shift on Nuclear Non-Proliferation.” International Studies Quarterly, 61(1): 123-35.
  • Jegen, Maya, Frédéric Mérand. 2014. «Constructing Ambiguity: Comparing the EU's Energy and Defence Policies». West European Politics. 37(1): 182-203.
  • Mérand, Frédéric, Stephanie Hofmann, Bastien Irondelle. 2011. «Governance and State Power: A Network Analysis of European Security». Journal of Common Market Studies. 49(1):121-47.
  • Mérand, Frédéric. 2010. « Pierre Bourdieu and the Birth of European Defence ». Security Studies. 19(2):342-74.
  • Mérand, Frédéric. 2008. European Defence Policy: Beyond the Nation State. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Directed theses and dissertations available in Papyrus