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Fournier, Patrick

Full Professor


  • Telephone 514-343-6111 #54437 Pav. PAV.M.CARON-L.GROULX-3200 J.B. \ Ext. C4044


Fournier, Patrick

Research expertise

My research concerns citizens' political psychology. In a democracy, political power is founded on popular sovereignty. Citizens choose governments in regular elections and their demands constantly contribute to political debate. It is important to understand citizens' political behaviour and opinions. My work is done both in the heat of electoral campaigns and during calmer periods, in Canada and elsewhere. I am the principal investigator with the Canadian Election Study for the 2011 election and the next federal election.

I also study large-scale deliberations at citizen assemblies, in particular the question of how people arrive at their political preferences, why they sometimes change their minds, and the quality of citizens' political opinions.

Areas of expertise


  • Patrick Fournier, Henk van der Kolk, André Blais, Kenneth Carty & Jonathan Rose. (2011). When Citizens Decide: Lessons from Citizen Assemblies on Electoral Reform, Oxford University Press.
  • Elisabeth Gidengil, Neil Nevitte, André Blais, Joanna Everitt & Patrick Fournier. (2012). Dominance and Decline: Making Sense of Recent Canadian Elections, University of Toronto Press.
  • Patrick Fournier, Mathieu Turgeon, André Blais, Joanna Everitt, Elisabeth Gidengil & Neil Nevitte. (2011). "Deliberation from Within: Changing One's Mind During An Interview", Political Psychology, 32: 885-919.
  • André Blais, Elisabeth Gidengil, Patrick Fournier & Neil Nevitte. (2009). "Information, Visibility and Elections: Why Electoral Outcomes Differ When Voters Are Better Informed", European Journal of Political Research, 48: 256-280.
  • Patrick Fournier. (2006). "The Impact of Campaigns on Discrepancies, Errors, and Biases in Voting Behavior", dans Capturing Campaign Effects, Henry Brady & Richard Johnston (dir.), University of Michigan Press.

Directed theses and dissertations available in Papyrus